Visiting 2013 Conference of Covenant of Mayors

As its Associated Partner our CoSE-Network was invited to attend the Year Conference 2013 of the Covenant of Mayors on Monday 24 June, 2013. With this mini-flyer (see: ‘link‘) Jaap Huurman tried to make contacts with present mayors to invite their own communities for our Communities of Sustainable Europe. Unfortunately no communities react afterwards, but Jaap was asked to give all CoSE-partners the regards of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was also present!

Communities of the Future

Communities of the Future

In the Netherlands some communities have united themselves in a new CoF-network, namely ‘Communities of the Future’ ( with English pages).

The objective of CoF is to strengthen the cooperation of civilians in these communities (rural villages and urban neighborhoods) on the 14 various aspects:

  • Architecture and Spatial Planning, with potential sub-themes:
  • Organizing a architecture-competition
  • Developing a spatial plan for the community
  • Care and Health, with potential sub-themes:
  • Organizing youth-work,
  • Organizing a self-help-group with and for elder people
  • Culture and History, with potential sub-theme:
  • History as important basis for identity
  • Economy, with potential sub-theme:
  • Organizing a community-shop
  • Organizing a local-valuta-network
  • Education, with potential sub-theme:
  • Integration of local culture in local school-education
  • Energy, with potential sub-theme:
  • Organizing a local, people-based sustainable energy company
  • External contacts, with potential sub-theme:
  • Organizing a network with other communities
  • Food and Waste, with potential sub-themes:
  • Cultivating our own food,
  • Cradle-to-cradle
  • Housing, with potential sub-themes:
  • Constructing with – or for the people,
  • Renovation and insulation
  • Integration, with potential sub-theme:
  • Organizing meeting-debates between minorities and majorities
  • Mobility, with potential sub-theme:
  • Towards a sustainable-electric-car-share-system
  • Nature, with potential sub-theme:
  • Inventory of local wild-life
  • Public space management, with potential sub-theme:
  • Organizing a periodical community-cleaning-scheme
  • and Security, with potential sub-theme:
  • Organizing a crime-prevention-team

The CoF-Network wants to cooperate with authorities and with educational institutes and is actually cooperation with the Saxion University of Applied Sciences