How to become a sustainable community

Dear friends,

In this letter we describe you how to become a partner of our CoSE-network.

We advise you to invite one of the CoSE-partners for a visit of about 3 days, who will travel by train or public bus and who prefer to stay in the community.

Then we recommend the following steps in the development of your community, in your village or urban neighbourhood (of max. 3.000 residents, but quite less is very well possible: De Stoere Houtman counts only 138 families sofar!):

  1. Select 2/3 persons who live in that community, who are more or less motivated to be active for the sustainability of their community AND who are anyway curious!
  2. Organise with these community leaders of the developing sustainable community a small inventory among  the people of this community (for example by translating the ‘CoSE ABCD questionnaire’), asking for their ‘assets’ (hobbies, activities, experiences) for the so-called: ‘Assets Based Community Development’ (ABCD-method).
  3. After the CoSE-partner has arrived, she/he will discuss the evening-programs with the local leaders.
  4. The first evening there is the community-meeting, where the community membership will finalize the inventory of the ‘Dreams’ and will do the SWOT-analyse: the Strong and Weak aspects of the community as well as the Opportunities and Threats for the community from outside.
  5. The second day the leaders and CoSE-partner will prepare the second community-meeting.
  6. The second evening there is another community-meeting, where the community membership will translate the Dreams into Actions, prioritize them (with the coloured stickers) and make appointments for first steps in the Action Plan for a Sustainable Community.
  7. On the morning of the third day the leadership and CoSE-partner will fill in the CoSE-Questionnaire or online CoSE-Questionnaire form

We hope to welcome you as soon as possible and if you have any questions, please let us know them.

Sincerely yours,
on behalf of all CoSE-partners,
Jaap Huurman (

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