Communities of the Future

Communities of the Future

In the Netherlands some communities have united themselves in a new CoF-network, namely ‘Communities of the Future’ ( with English pages).

The objective of CoF is to strengthen the cooperation of civilians in these communities (rural villages and urban neighborhoods) on the 14 various aspects:

  • Architecture and Spatial Planning, with potential sub-themes:
  • Organizing a architecture-competition
  • Developing a spatial plan for the community
  • Care and Health, with potential sub-themes:
  • Organizing youth-work,
  • Organizing a self-help-group with and for elder people
  • Culture and History, with potential sub-theme:
  • History as important basis for identity
  • Economy, with potential sub-theme:
  • Organizing a community-shop
  • Organizing a local-valuta-network
  • Education, with potential sub-theme:
  • Integration of local culture in local school-education
  • Energy, with potential sub-theme:
  • Organizing a local, people-based sustainable energy company
  • External contacts, with potential sub-theme:
  • Organizing a network with other communities
  • Food and Waste, with potential sub-themes:
  • Cultivating our own food,
  • Cradle-to-cradle
  • Housing, with potential sub-themes:
  • Constructing with – or for the people,
  • Renovation and insulation
  • Integration, with potential sub-theme:
  • Organizing meeting-debates between minorities and majorities
  • Mobility, with potential sub-theme:
  • Towards a sustainable-electric-car-share-system
  • Nature, with potential sub-theme:
  • Inventory of local wild-life
  • Public space management, with potential sub-theme:
  • Organizing a periodical community-cleaning-scheme
  • and Security, with potential sub-theme:
  • Organizing a crime-prevention-team

The CoF-Network wants to cooperate with authorities and with educational institutes and is actually cooperation with the Saxion University of Applied Sciences

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