I am on my way to visit new partners for our CoSE-network and invite them for the Multiplier-concept.Last week I was in Őko-Energie-Land, around Guessing in Buergerland, South-East Austria (
Very impressing: the whole area with 17 ‘Markt-Gemeinden’ (municipalities) is becoming completely energywise independent, including for mobility.


They have a Technology Centre now, where Lufthansa, Opel and other multinationals send their researchers.
Last fifteen years the area has attracted 50 new businesses with employment for more than thousand people.
I had a very inspiring meeting with Bernhard Deutsch, one of the managers of this scheme and Mayor of Strem with a population of about 1,000 people (

Also this Strem has got its own Bio-Mass-Facility
We completed the CoSE-Questionnaire, which I will send you later.Two of the items I was discussing with Bernhard Deutsch (see CC) are the ‘community shop’ (because recently the last shop of Strem was closed) and ‘local currency/money’.

Please, Kate, could you send Bernhard Deutsch some information about your experiences with the community shop of Ashton Hayes and about this general movement in UK?

Please, Camille, could you send him information about the plans and experiences with your local currency?
Thanks!I am now in Budapest, visiting friends.
This Monday I will go to the East of Hungary, to an area South of Miskolc.

I will surely keep you and all the other partners of Cose informed.

For this moment, I wish you a fine weekend, bye,
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