De Stoere Houtman on its way

This week our neighborhood meeting decided to hire TAUW-agency of Sustainable Energy experts, that will organize a workshop with us as residents, with a representation of a group of villages in the Rhine Delta with equal ambitions and with some advisers of the Amsterdam University (Institute of Environmental Studies) and of the City of Arnhem.

The workshop must show us, which sustainable resources around us are the best exploitable to produce our own energy.

This workshop is the first step towards ‘De Energieke Houtman’, our own Sustainable, Local Energy Co-operative-Company, that will also work for the improvement and further sustainability (including the construction of an energy-neutral estate) of our neighborhood.

First we would like to buy and sell sustainable energy and later we want to produce this as much as possible ourselves.

After fighting with success against the city-plans for the demolishment of our houses AND after making our own plans for the improvement of houses and environment AND after looking without success for partnerships with the city and other local stakeholders to implement our plans for sustainability AND after ‘going Europe’ and initiate the CoSE-network AND after learning a lot from our CoSE-partners AND after working on energy saving by improving our own personal behavior, we NOW take the initiative for ‘De Energieke Houtman’ ourselves.

But we go on to look for further partners and therefore we are glad that we could get in touch with the European Covenant of Mayors, also with support of Camille Gira, our friend of Beckerich-Luxemburg who is member of the board of this body: see and it might be wise to ask your mayor, if she/he signed already!

These weeks I am going to visit Brussels to visit an Intelligent Energy Europe conference and have further contacts with the Covenant of Mayors.

After that I continue to Austria and Hungary to visit possible new CoSE-partners.

Later undoubtedly more about that!

With Green-CoSE-Greetings,

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