Co-operation with communities in India

De Stoere Houtman has received a grant of the E-motive-Fund of (a.o.) Oxfam-Novib to organize transfer of experience, information and know-how of communities in India to communities in the Netherlands and other countries in North and South.

De Stoere Houtman co-operates on this scheme with Communities-of-the-Future, with Communities-of-Sustainable-Europe, with universities in the Netherlands and India, with the Barefoot Academy of Governance in India and with Movisie in the Netherlands.

During a first visit to India within this scheme by De Stoere Houtman chairman Jaap Huurman and Saxion University student Rolf Witting in December, 2012 a partnership between the successful village Hiware Bazar (see link ‘CoF India special village Hiware Bazar’) was established.

Late 2013 we hope to organize a visit of 3 Indian communities to the Netherlands, with quite some workshops and seminars with communities, authorities, universities, etc

And in 2014 a counter visit is planned by Netherlands communities to their new counterparts in India.

See link ‘CoF India special village Hiware Bazar

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