Blacon Presses Apples

Transition Chester had a public apple pressing outside the Spar shop at the Parade,  Blacon last Saturday 15th October.

Local residents bought along their apples and pears and took away freshly pressed juice. During the morning more that 180 litres of juice was pressed by around 30 local residents using the apple crusher and press that Transition Chester had brought along to the event.

Transition Chester stand at the apple press
Simon Brown from the group said: “it was a wonderful event with lots of people getting involved – we even had two 10 year old girls come along to our stand with apples they had picked from their gran’s garden – they chopped up the apples, crushed them ready for the press and they even had a turn pressing the pulp. To see their delight as they skipped away with their plastic bottles full of fresh juice, swigging it as they left was a joy to see!”

“Our last public event will be at the Kingsway Shops, on Kingsway, Newton outside the Community Café from 10.00 to 2.00 pm – people can bring along their apples or pears (cookers or eaters, windfalls or picked) together with containers for the juice and they will be able to take away their freshly pressed juice.”

Transition Chester also loans out the press and crusher to community groups or schools as well as to local residents for a nominal fee. The Transition Chester website at shows when the press is available and contact can be made via the website.

(October 2011)


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