Emerging Community Group

‘Hello, we are a new community group (soon to be named!) which has emerged from The Blacon Energy Management Programme (BEMP), who are dedicated to spreading the lessons learned in this programme to the wider community of Blacon, creating a model for other communities across the UK.

Through BEMP, we have adapted many of the aspects of our day to day lives in terms of water use, gas and electricity use, recycling, composting kitchen waste, growing our own fruit and vegetables and so on. From this we have lowered our household bills and helped the wider environment! We want to share these valuable lessons with Blacon’s wider community!

We are looking at several project ideas in order to achieve this. Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to involve Blacon’s children and young people in a ‘school play’, which centres around the ideas of climate change, or household habits and the impact this has on our environment and purse strings!

We are also looking to roll out a miniature version of BEMP, where community groups will sign up to try putting into practise our top tips within a number of areas such as: gas use, electricity, water etc, in order to save money and the environment.

We are a voluntary group of passionate people – we would love to meet others who are interested in getting involved. We meet next on Wednesday 31st August 9:45 to 11:45 in the morning, at 2 Stamford Road (Blacon): Sustainable Blacon’s new Eco House. Everyone is welcome to come along and meet us, and have a cuppa and a chat about getting involved in any way! Please call Sustainable Blacon on 01244 380150 to be put in touch with me!’

Angela Moray
Community Group Leader


(August 2011)



Retrieved www.sustainableblacon.org.uk

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