Sustainable Blacon Abroad

As part of the Communities of Sustainable Europe (CoSE) Conference, Sandra Hewitt and Shaun Dutton, representatives from Sustainable Blacon were invited to Arnhem, Netherlands to share their experiences with their peers on the many schemes run by Chester’s pioneering community charity.

The aim of Conference was to share ideas, and, to ultimately contribute to an EU manual on low carbon community projects to encourage sustainability across the EU area, with Sustainable Blacon clearly being seen as a vital path-finding initiative encouraging behavioural changes at the community level.

Some of the Sustainable Blacon Team abroad
Shaun is Sustainable Blacon’s Home Energy Officer giving practical support to visitors to the Eco-House in Blacon.  Sandra has been an active local resident and participant in the year-long Blacon Energy Management Programme which finished in April to help people cut energy bills and therefore also their carbon emissions.

The party visited a local community group Dr Stoere Houtman where they are hoping to replicate the Eco-House Blacon has in place.  There was also a lot of interest in the idea from other communities.

Shaun and Sandra also visited an Eco Fair in the attractive town of Deventer which was attended by representatives of the regional authorities and there gave a presentation on how Blacon is helping local residents to reduce energy bills, giving practical advice and support where needed and encouraging others to think about climate change and how it will affect  them.  This was followed by questions and discussion with reps from communities including from Venezuela!

As a follow up to the conference Sandra and Shaun will be contributing to a chapter on Blacon for the proposed CoSE manual.

(May 2011)


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